Hugh William Grecian WILLIAMS –cathedral of canterbury, signed, titled 1807

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Hugh William Grecian WILLIAMS – Cathedral of Canterbury,  signed 1807

Hugh William Grecian WILLIAMS (1773-1829); Betitelt: Cathedral of
Canterbury. Bleistift auf Papier mit leichter Weisshöhung, signiert: H.W. Williams 1807.

Hugh William Grecian WILLIAMS (1773-1829): pencil on paper,titled and signed, Cathedral
of Canterbury. Signed: H.W.Williams 1807

Die Arbeit stammt aus einer Zeichen und Skizzenmappe Williams, die in den 1950 Jahren
auktioniert wurde. Weitere Arbeiten gerne auf Anfrage.

The drawing comes from a colection, wich was auctionatet in the 1950's. More works
on request.
Blattgröße: 23,5 x 18,5 cm.
Size:  9.3 x  7.3 inches. 

The Williams family of painters, also known as the Barnes School, is a family of prominent 19th-century Victorian
landscape artists known for their paintings of the British countryside, coasts and mountains. They are represented
by the artist Edward Williams (1781-1855), his six sons, and several grandchildren.

Family members The best-known members of the Williams Family (Barnes School) are the six sons of Edward
Williams, who is sometimes called Old Williams to avoid confusion with his oldest son. Unlike many popular Victorian
artists, the Williams generally enjoyed a fair degree of success during their lifetimes. They exhibited prolifically with
the Royal Academy, the British Institution, the Suffolk Street Gallery of the Society of British Artists, and many other
Victorian art venues of the time.[7] Old Williams' sons follow.

Edward Charles Williams (1807-1881)

Henry John Boddington (1811-1865)

George Augustus Williams (1814-1901)

Arthur Gilbert (1819-1895)

Sidney Richard Percy (1821-1886)

Alfred Walter Williams (1824-1905)

Sidney Richard Percy is the best known of Edward Williams' sons, and arguably was the most successful. His
paintings are also the most sought after today. However, Henry John Boddington was well known in his lifetime as
well, and he was even elected a member (RBA) of the prestigious Royal Society of British Artists, a recognition
not achieved by any of his brothers. Several of Old Williams' grandchildren became landscape painters and exhibited
paintings with the Royal Academy, which was considered the most prestigious of the London exhibitions. They
exhibited with the other major art venues as well, particularly at the Suffolk Street Gallery of the Society of British
Artists.[8] Shown below are those grandchildren whose names appear in the exhibition catalogs,[7] and who, with
the exception of Amy Dora Percy, are listed in Wood's (1995) Dictionary of Victorian Painters. Edwin Henry Boddington
(1836-?) - son of Henry John Boddington

Walter Williams (1834-1906) - son of George Augustus Williams

Caroline Fanny Williams (1836-1921) - daughter of George Augustus Williams

Charles Leslie (1839-1886) - son of Emily Williams (a daughter of Old Williams)

Kate Gilbert (1843-1916) - daughter of Arthur Gilbert

Horace Walter Gilbert (1855-1928) - son of Arthur Gilbert

Amy Dora Percy (1860-1957) - daughter of Sidney Richard Percy

Herbert Sidney Percy (1863-1932) - son of Sidney Richard Percy

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